Our Team

Dr Sharynn Schuster
Dr Sharynn Schuster
Educational and Developmental Psychologist
BA, GradDipAppChildPsych, PhD, MAPS, FCEDP


I have extensive experience in child, adolescent, and family psychology, both in public and private settings. I am a Board-approved Supervisor and have over 25 years’ experience lecturing and supervising Clinical Psychology Masters’ students at university. At The Practice I will be providing specialist psychology services in three areas, cognitive and educational assessment, paediatric enuresis management and preschool social, emotional and behavioural issues.   


I will provide a welcoming and supportive environment and collaborate with you to ensure your concerns about your child are answered. I use a strengths-based approach ensuring children are supported and encouraged for their strengths rather than viewed by difficulties and challenges. All individually-tailored assessments and treatments are evidence-based practice to achieve the best possible outcomes for child, parent and family.  


  • Diagnosis of Learning Disorders (Dyslexia) for children and adults. 
  • Diagnosis of Intellectual Disability for children. 
  • Cognitive and educational assessments using the Wechsler scales, WISC-V, WIPPSI-IV, WAIS, & WIAT-lll. Reports and school liaison. 
  • Literacy programs (reading) for children where parents are home tutors.  
  • Bedwetting. Paediatric enuresis management for typically developing children, and children with ADHD, Autism, CD, and ID using Ramsey-Coote alarms. 
  • Social, emotional and behavioural issues in preschool children.