Fees & Rebates

Clinical & Counselling Psychology 

Format: Face-to-face or via *Telehealth  
(confirm when booking) 

Cost (non-concession): $180 to $200 per 50-minute session  
(confirm when booking) 

Cost (concession): $140 - $165 per 50-minute session 
(confirm when booking) 

*Telehealth (video call or via phone consultation) 

Referral: You do not need a referral to book an appointment. Medicare rebates apply when you are referred through your GP or Specialist on a Mental Health Care Plan. If you do not have a Mental Health Care Plan, Private Health rebates may apply (you will need to check with your health care fund). 

Student Clinic 

The practice Student Clinic offers low-cost therapy to people who are struggling with mental health issues and/or wanting to improve their wellbeing. Our provisional psychology students are in their final years of training and are on a 6–12-month University placement under the supervision of Senior Psychologists. 

Format: Face-to-face, via Telehealth, or via Phone Consultation (confirm when booking) 

Cost: $40 per 50-minute session  

Referral: Self-referral. Medicare rebates do not apply. 

Educational and Developmental Assessments 

Fees differ according to the type of assessment required. Please contact us for a quote. Please note, Medicare does not cover the cost of such assessments, that is, Medicare rebates do not apply. Private Health Fund rebates may apply (you will need to check with your health care fund). 


Please note: The Practice is not a Bulk Bill practice. Your GP will be able to advise you of available no-cost options in your area.