There are many reasons why someone may not be able to attend face-to-face therapy sessions. Those who live in specific rural areas, as well as remote areas, who do not have easy access to psychological services have always been able to access therapy through Telehealth (video call or via phone consultation). These services have been extended to include everyone seeking mental health support under Covid-19 conditions.  

You can access telehealth from the comfort of your own home.  You use a smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera and microphone to connect via the internet and conduct your sessions in real-time with your regular psychologist. 

At The Practice, we generally use the platform, Coviu, which is designed specifically for health practices. The data related to communications during therapy sessions are encrypted and no data are saved when the communication ends. You are not required to subscribe to this online platform to access therapy sessions—your Psychologist will invite you to join a therapy session via email and you access the virtual therapy room by clicking on the link provided in the email, or by entering the link in your web browser. Alternative platforms may be preferred by some practitioners, who will guide you through the process of using these platforms for telehealth sessions. 


Telehealth Consultation Tips 

To help optimise your Telehealth consultation experience, there are some actions you can take. These include: 


Set up your computer/tablet/laptop/telephone in a location where you have privacy and feel secure.  

Therapeutic space: 

Try to have your appointments in the same location each time - this will help move you into therapy mode faster. Choose a seat that is comfortable and have tissues nearby. Perhaps also a glass of water or a hot drink.  


In your home environment it is easier to be distracted. Limit distractions caused by food, other people, pets and external noise including music. Using earphones may be beneficial. Ideally close doors so others cannot interrupt you. 


Ensure you are ready a few minutes prior to your appointment so you don’t feel rushed. Log in to the virtual waiting room and allow yourself to consider anything you wish to raise during your appointment.